Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i can feel the love

alright, you've convinced me. since aparently, there are actually seven of you who read this, that is reason enough to post.

The Top Ten Things I Did Today:

10. woke up
9. shared a nice bowl of cereal with my friend Ellen Degeneres
8. did a crazy amount of laundry (spurred by the fact that i had nothing to wear to work)
7. folded said laundry
6. made chili, so mike would have a nice dinner tonight
5. packed my dinner for work
4. voted
3. went to work
2. found out i was off
1. came home and blogged it.

thank you.


Dad said...

Have been working hard at it for over 30 years but never went in on my day off. Well, maybe once, a long time ago. Boy, it was embarassing. I think I snuck out before anyone saw me. Welcome to the real world. Hope you made x-tra chili.

Arazaree said...

I read, I read!

Leah said...

11. Got baby snot generously shared by the hellions.

Esther said...

Did you eat the dinner you packed or the chili?

lisa said...

i had packed chili! so i ate that.