Wednesday, February 22, 2006


my sister tackled a goose yesterday. literally, she leapt at it and took it down. she said it sounded like you would expect a bagpipe to sound if you tackled it: "MAERRRRAAAAAAGH"


in other news, i'm wearing denim overalls that i bought as a halloween costume because they're the only remotely comfortable "can wear out and get away with it" pants that i have left. pants with a panel, here i come!

Monday, February 13, 2006

baby love

Want to meet my baby?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

what. the. hell.

this makes me sad. very, very sad.

Monday, February 06, 2006

freaked my freak

this story gave me the shivers when i first heard it.

yesterday's super bowl party was a rousing success... the game between the "yellows" and the "teals" was even moderately entertaining. waaaaayyyy too much food was consumed, but by God it was good. best friends were made, drivers were designated, and mike won thirty bucks in the football pool.

my favorite commercials? ameriquest's "don't judge too quickly."

anyone want to return bottles with me?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

breaking the silence

alright already. even i'm sick of looking at the special baby (which, by the way, is 16 weeks old!)

my first order of business: Love Monkey.

it. is. awesome.

first of all, it's title couldn't be better. i have no idea what it means, but like bean dog, it's just good.

secondly, jason priestly is in it. i don't care if you weren't a big 90210 fan - it's nice to see an older, slightly chubbier Brandon Walsh.

third and lastly, the music. in the second episode, there is a great little cameo by ben folds, one of mike's all time fave's. shortly there after, Tom has lunch with the female love interest, Julia, during which she lists her top 5 songs of all time. she had great picks - U2, the cure, etc. etc... and her number one pick? we built this city by STARSHIP. yes. that's right. very few people know this, but that may quite possibly be my favorite song of all time. it's so bad, and yet i love it. needless to say, i'm sold on Love Monkey.

now, if you didn't love Ed, you won't like this show. basically, tom cavanagh lifted his character from Ed, and plopped him into this show. personally, i love his bumbling wit, so i'm in heaven.

watch it!