Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Dear Mr. President,

I understand the need for you to be on television from time to time. I can even come to grips with the fact that sometimes it's necessary for you to be on during prime time. But Sir, please, PLEASE, the next time you are going to pre-empt my favorite sit-com, would you please do me the courtesy of alerting me ahead of time. My DVR did not recognize your little speech, and thus cut off the final 20 minutes of my show... and it was the season finale, thank you very much.

Thanks for nuthin',


Thursday, May 11, 2006

the baby NEEDS this

blah blah blah BABY blah blah blah PREGNANT...

hope you don't mind that this blog has recently become all about being prego, but that's pretty much what i have goin' on lately.

so i went to weggies today. going hungry is never a good idea. going hungry and 7 months pregnant is nothing short of ludacris.

things that found their way into my cart:

pudding cups
dark chocolate covered raisins*
tortilla chips
cinnamon toast crunch
alfredo sauce
deli cheese*
extra large lady fingers (the cookies, not an actual fat lady’s fingers)
chocolate ice cream

*things i actually consumed before i left the store

checking out at the register with empty packages? not as embarrassing as you may think.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

barefoot and pregnant

here's a little pic that mike snapped last night (while giggling at the fact that his wife actually was barefoot and pregnant). the belly has definitely made a name for itself... baby G is due to emerge in exactly 10 weeks. 10 WEEKS, people. luckily, we've recently acquired a basinett, so the baby won't be sleeping in a drawer for the first weeks of life. and we have some diapers. and a LOT of really cute baby clothes, most of them with monkeys on them, so we're all set.

at work, there is an adorable little Italian man that i've been taking care of, and his family is a cast of thousands. according to them, no one is allowed to mention any particular kind of food in front of me, because by doing so, the baby may develop a birth defect. seriously. these people are incredibly sweet, and i humor them by staying tight-lipped about what i may be craving at that particular moment, but they really believe this to be the case. and Italians out there? is this common knowledge and i've just never heard of it?

regardless, i'm starving.