Friday, April 29, 2005

meme, myself and i

since my baby blog is young and only has an audience of three, i'm meming myself! so the stupisest thing, i ask? easy peasy, and at the request of the original sarah, i’m sharing.

it was the summer of 1999, and a boy by the name of michael garvey was having a giant bash, aptly named “the garvey party.” anyone who was anyone would be there (that, coupled with my not so subtle crush on the garv, meant i was sure to go). i had just gotten back from my european adventure with annie and shauna, so we were a little jet-lagged, to say the least. what's the best way to treat said jet-lag, you ask? hot dogs and beer, of course!

by 8:00 pm i was stumbling. feeling a little woozy, i decided to find comfort in a lonely picnic bench. i vaguely remember hearing the most lovely southern voice, saying “is she alright?” and annie saying “oh yeah, mrs. garvey, she’s fiiiiiiiiiiine…” i don’t know what tipped her off… either my rosey green complexion or the dry heaves… but next thing i knew, she was right in front of me. holding a paper bag.

and then i popped.

and in 69 days, i’ll call her mom.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 a rich man's world

i called sallie mae today to consolidate my loans (of which i have more than a few). after pulling up my balance information, valerie said "ok miss battaglia, after looking at your balance, i see that you qualify for our premier concierge service."

i guess it pays to owe :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


my taste in music has never been exactly “trendy.” sure, sure, i wore my NKOTB pin proudly like the rest of the girls in my class, but little did they know that it was nothin’ but starship for me once i got home. still, i was caught off guard when my sis and i started singing along with a rick astley song at dinner the other night. wow. we’re worse off than i thought.

1990, miss hartman’s 6th grade class at holy spirit school:

“hey lisa, did you see the new bell biv devoe video?!”
“oh… yeah… sure i did! hey! basia just came out with a new cd!”

1987, my parents' night to drive to girl-scouts:

“lisa, don’t you listen to kiss 98.5?”
“well, not really… but my dad could put in this cool tape we have! hey dad! can you put in the tape with the peanut butter song?! you’re really gonna like this…”


musical theatre never looked so good.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

nurse speak

*WARNING* the following post contains graphic material.

over the past year or so, i've come to learn a lot about nurses.

for starters, they love to eat... reason #512 why this is the perfect profession for me.

secondly, they're allowed to wear pajamas to work. again, why i didn't realize this sooner, i'll never know.

thirdly, they have their own language. accountants talk numbers. mechanics talk carborators. nurses talk bowel movements. i'm serious. i have never heard a group of people speak more freely about elimination than nurses. the following is an excerpt from an actual conversation i sat in on a few days back:

nurse 1: "hey, how ya' feelin'?
nurse 2: "oh, better, thanks. i've been passing a lot of gas... i think it's helping."
nurse 1: "that's good. as long as it's moving, you should be alright."
nurse 2: "yeah. hey, are you still taking iron supplements?"
nurse 1: "on and off... they're REALLY constipating... sometimes i won't take them for a week because of how bad they bind me up."
nurse 2: "yeah, i've heard they can do that."
nurse 1: "well, it's true. alright, have a good shift!"
nurse 2: "you, too!"

and that was it. i'm off to bake some cookies... hopefully that will give us enough to talk about tonight.

i do like their meatballs...

Your Inner European is Swedish!

Relaxed and peaceful.
You like to kick back and enjoy life.

Friday, April 22, 2005

time flies

by my count, my baby blog is 9 days old. i've posted twice. that's not very encouraging, is it? i do have some semblence of an excuse, because i've been working nights at the aforementioned nursery, so my days are spent with my eyes closed.

i'm off to see the BPO and audra mcdonald. you'll never guess... she's a broadway singer.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

i think i'm gonna like it here *

my last stint as student nurse battaglia is in the newborn nursery at sister’s hospital. if you don’t know me, or know about my feelings towards babies, allow me to sum up: it’s a good thing they have anti-abduction alarms, otherwise, i may be the proud mother of dectuplets.

ok, so i would never do that - i just love them. even the old-man faced babies… i love them all. last night i saw two deliveries. i was there when two perfect little babies came into this world, and i was one of the first people to ever lay hands on them. amazing.

* i apologize, in advance, for the overuse of musical references. i can’t help it. babies and musicals – that’s me in a nutshell.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

no one likes a know-it-all

wondering what alex's latest GT4 car looks like? i can tell 'ya. did you know sarah met lewis black?! i did. wanna know how many people have commented on mikey's post today? i'm your girl. need a description of jess's latest masterpiece? gimme a call.

"but lisa, how could you possibly know all of that?"

i'm a stalker. a blog stalker. i sit in my jammies, sipping cocoa by the glow of the laptop and read the blogs of everyone i know....often twice. this really didn't seem odd to me, until i realized i began talking to people with said blogs, and i would only refer to previously read material. weird? i think so. so i'm joining the community. i'm starting a blog.

i can't promise shakespeare, but i can promise better than this.