Thursday, February 02, 2006

breaking the silence

alright already. even i'm sick of looking at the special baby (which, by the way, is 16 weeks old!)

my first order of business: Love Monkey.

it. is. awesome.

first of all, it's title couldn't be better. i have no idea what it means, but like bean dog, it's just good.

secondly, jason priestly is in it. i don't care if you weren't a big 90210 fan - it's nice to see an older, slightly chubbier Brandon Walsh.

third and lastly, the music. in the second episode, there is a great little cameo by ben folds, one of mike's all time fave's. shortly there after, Tom has lunch with the female love interest, Julia, during which she lists her top 5 songs of all time. she had great picks - U2, the cure, etc. etc... and her number one pick? we built this city by STARSHIP. yes. that's right. very few people know this, but that may quite possibly be my favorite song of all time. it's so bad, and yet i love it. needless to say, i'm sold on Love Monkey.

now, if you didn't love Ed, you won't like this show. basically, tom cavanagh lifted his character from Ed, and plopped him into this show. personally, i love his bumbling wit, so i'm in heaven.

watch it!


Leah said...

ooooo. thank you for the review! I personally love Tom Cavanaugh and am scheduling him in to my rotation!!!

by the way have you seen him in the episode of Sports Night? He was more bumbling and far less charming than Ed.

Esther said...

Welcome back! I still love to see the special baby every day. Feeling any kicks yet?

Tom Cavanaugh was fabulous on Scrubs as J.D.'s older brother. Too funny.

And, I think Jason Priestly had some MAJOR reconstructive surgery after his big car accident a few years ago. Or maybe you're right and he just got fat.

mom said...

Yea for a new post!!!! your Ed guy may be up against a CSI, but I will try to arrange my schedule.

mary said...

i dunno, can it really beat a lawyer in a bowling alley?

i never got bored of the special baby post! :)

Sweet Pea said...

On behalf of CBS I thank you for blogging about our show! Did you know the show is loosely based on Kyle Smith's 2004 best-selling "guy-lit" novel, Love Monkey? Love Jason Priestly!

But I have to disagree with you on the "Ed" association. Tom "bugged" me in Ed, I never watch the show the commercials were enough for me. I do enjoy him in Love Monkey! Go figure!

Lisa, when we were watching the show Karen did say this was one of your favorite songs! LOL

Love you - Patty

Garvey said...

I like the term "guy-lit" more than the term "lad-lit", which is what a lot of people were throwing around when Love Monkey the book came out.

I never read it (I only read "nerd-lit", evidently) - was it any good?

Sweet Pea said...

I haven't read it will be the next one I get. Right now I'm reading the "click-lit" book for the movie In Her Shoes.

What's "nerd-lit"?