Thursday, May 11, 2006

the baby NEEDS this

blah blah blah BABY blah blah blah PREGNANT...

hope you don't mind that this blog has recently become all about being prego, but that's pretty much what i have goin' on lately.

so i went to weggies today. going hungry is never a good idea. going hungry and 7 months pregnant is nothing short of ludacris.

things that found their way into my cart:

pudding cups
dark chocolate covered raisins*
tortilla chips
cinnamon toast crunch
alfredo sauce
deli cheese*
extra large lady fingers (the cookies, not an actual fat lady’s fingers)
chocolate ice cream

*things i actually consumed before i left the store

checking out at the register with empty packages? not as embarrassing as you may think.


mom said...

makes perfect sense: bologna and cheese washed down with a snapple, followed by chocolate covered raisens for dessert. no need to explain or justify. you give that baby anything it needs! or wants. i'm gonna.

KT said...

soooo you can only do that at the grocery store when your pregnant? Don't blame it on baby G you know you would do that even if you weren't pregnant. Shoot...i do!

Esther said...

When I was pregnant, I ate an entire container of cheese curds washed down with a bag of sponge candy. Now Julia likes muffins, cereal, cheese sticks, fruit, etc., and of course I have to help :)

And we LURVE hearing about baby G! Tell us everything!

Leah said...

MP said it perfect! Well rounded lunch!!!

Personally I was a fan of the second breakfast that got me through to my mid-morning snack.