Tuesday, September 18, 2007

welcome back, me

hi! it's been a few short months since i last checked in (unless you count all the times i've talked to ya'll for real, like in person or on the phone or in e-mail or on myspace or facebook or in a text message...).

here's what we missed:
happy easter, maeve dipped her toes in the ocean, mother's day, father's day, mike passed all his exams, i got pregnant, we welcomed a new nephew, friends came to visit, julia turned two, maeve turned one, katie moved home (!), mike started school again, i found some fun new blogs, and i wound up 6 months pregnant.

now that we're up to speed, i'll see you in 5 months. or tomorrow.


Garvey said...

Thank God you're blogging again. Now we can finally catch up.

Leah said...

MISS YOU!!!! But just a teensy bit less now :-)

Esther said...

Oh, so thaaaaat's where you've been? Did you finally get bored (in a car, etc) enough to blog?

Anonymous said...

OMG! You are back!!! I missed you! How are you? I hope your pregnancy is going well. Love ya!