Thursday, August 11, 2005

project albany

so everyone knows we've moved east. much to our delight, it's proved to be a pretty snazzy city. so, for the next handful of posts (which will probably take me a month to compose) i give you "project albany: reasons you should visit us."

reason #1:
larkfest. we live in this sassy little neighborhood, centered around lark street. on september 17th, we will be 5 houses away from larkfest, an all-day festival, complete with food, shopping, and the dandy warhols.

so come, already.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Cost of gasoline to drive round trip to Albany: $80

Cost of food, fun, and lodging for Larkfest on September 17: $300

Finding out too late that Mikey & Lisa left four weeks earlier to move back to Buffalo: priceless

And the jokes just keep on comin'.