Friday, August 05, 2005

you border on the adriatic

how many days in a row have you checked this measly little site to see if my mug was still the most recent addition?

that many, huh?

i'm sorry. two weeks turned into 4... allow me to sum up:

july 9th, wedding. awesome.

july 11 - 26, italy. also awesome.

july 27 - 30, pack all earthly posessions. slightly less enjoyable.

july 31st, move to new home with new husband. priceless.

ha! that was such a poor use of that joke. i'm sorry, i really am. all kidding aside, though, our new place in albany (fondly known as albania) is fantastic. we're expecting a couch delivery tomorrow, so the garvey residence is officially open for visitors. come! see the capital! have a burrito!


Garvey said...

I think it should be said to all that on this day I had to ask my wife to explain a reference to a Cheers episode, and a Coach line at that. If anyone else doesn't get it, google "you border on the adriatic"...

Extremely random quotes is but one reason I married her.

Leah said...

"And your chief export is chrome"
Shame on you, Mike!