Sunday, September 25, 2005

blog envy

my sister asked me to update my blog, so i've been sitting here starting blog after blog, one lamer than the next. and then i thought, hmmm... maybe i should make a list of things i would write about if i could write as well as my in-house hemmingway. kinda like, if i could paint, i'd want to paint like jack vettriano... or if i could have my own cooking show, i'd want to be rachael ray.

ok, so if i was blessed with the gift of writing i would write about...

the three boys living above me.
how much i love the elmwood neighborhood i'm living in.
a psychiatric patient who has his shoelaces taken away.
how i met my husband.
my two years in dominica.
the squirrel who lives in the tree outside my house... and how he scares me.
my parents... both sets.
the places my car has been.
my new-found love for decorating a home.
my true affection for musical theatre... and my envy of people that are so good at it.
the brilliance of kettle corn.
my sister who saved a bald eagle last night.
the past two months and two moves.
my niece who makes me melt.
how i wish i was an amazing photographer.
why i quit piano lessons... and how i wish i hadn't.
the day my grandfather told me mashed potatos were really called "fortuna."
the squirrel who is looking at me through the window. seriously.


Scott said...

mmmmmmmmm . . . kettle corn.

Cecilia said...

Um...I'm sure you meant to put me on that list somewhere, so I'll just pretend that you didn't forget me...

Esther said...

cecilia, you're on there, she just didn't want to use your name in describing the shoelace incident...

lisa said...