Friday, April 07, 2006

10 opinions (and a few facts) for Friday

1. feeling a baby move inside your belly is amazing - freaky deaky weirder than weird - but amazing

2. i just saw a commercial that said kids need a booster seat in the car until they are 4'9''. wow. i just make the cut.

3. pants with a panel? you need some.

4. the armchair in our livingroom is covered with white socks. i'm ok with that.

5. i'm making mashed potatoes out of a box tonight. i'm ok with that, too.

6. my in-laws are flying across the pond this afternoon to Ireland. i hope they see sarah!

7. my favorite wife on Big Love is Jeanne Tripplehorn.

8. mike and i bought paint for Baby G's room today!

9. i laughed out loud yesterday when mike and i drove by a place called Le Nails and mike told me it was a french hardware store.

10. it's peep season!


Esther said...

Glad you're ok with the socks and potatoes. That's not going to change for the next 20 years or so. Tell us more about the nursery plans!!!

Leah said...

#1: Is Baby G poking back yet?

#4 & 5: I have to apologize. I feel that I am your enabler. Or maybe I am your Bill W of housework.

#7: While I love to hate Nicki, my heart breaks for Barb. I was so happy for her for most of this week's episode. We all want to be loved best!!

#10: I'm building the anticipation for my once a year Cadbury Cream Egg. yum!

sarah said...

p'tates out of the box is the only way to fly.