Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I've wanted to post for a while, now. Yes, I want to share my random innermost thoughts, and sure I have some great things going on that I could talk about, but mostly, I just want to see "--Updated!" next to Marshmallow World on Mikey's blog.

So... in the 20 days since I last posted, my belly has grown significantly. I've gone from wearing clothes that kind of show that I maybe might have a little pot belly possibly protruding over my waistband, to THIS IS SUCH A BABY UP IN THIS BELLY AND I AM WEARING THIS OUTFIT SO YOU WILL DEFINITELY KNOW THAT I AM PREGNANT AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK ME WHEN I'M DUE, AND HERE, I'LL RUB MY BELLY A LITTLE FOR ADDED EFFECT SO YOU'LL KNOW IT'S NOT JUST A BEER GUT. so yeah, I'm enjoying the belly.

The baby is a rock star, by the way. It seriously moves so much that it freaks me out, but then when I say to someone "ooh! come feel the baby kicking!" it stops. The little monkey is mocking me before it's even born. Well done, monkey.

I'm posting this now, and hoping for some instant gratification when I switch over to the Royal Toybox... if it's as exciting as I think it will be, I will be forced to post again. Ta!


mary said...

i know i only felt the baby move a couple times... but it's SO EXCITING! i'll keep standing on guard with my hands on your belly just in case though!

Leah said...

Love that I got a little baby kick!!!!!!