Saturday, September 30, 2006

the mommy gene

being a mom changes your life in countless ways... the dramatic changes are obvious - i am no longer living for just myself, i've created a life, mike and i are responsible for this tiny person, i like to dress her up, etc.

the subtle changes, however, are what have caught me by surprise...
- i now know what wegmans looks like before 8:00 am
- i can make myself look like i've showered
- i'm borderline obsessed with her bodily functions
- jodi johnston is actually growing on me, despite her obnoxious perkiness at 5:00 am
- the fridge always has fruit in it (why? the baby can't eat it. yet it's just there)
- i realized i know remarkably fewer songs than i thought i did
- i eat kashi


mom said...

OK. You're on a roll!!! Keep showering and blogging(in no particular order) and add a few pictures. Don't worry...Julia and I know LOTS of songs!

KT said...

just sing maeve the beverly hills 90210 song that we made up....the words are so very easy to remember. i think she will love it:)

Anonymous said...

"Sexyback", Justin Timberlake...I think Maeve will like! lol Just Kidding! Love you!

Anonymous said...
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Esther said...

No lie, Sexyback is one of Julia's favorites. And making up words is key. Also, you'll find yourself stocking snacks in the diaper bag, as if Maeve will eat them, but they're really for you. Good practice. And you've gotta keep your strength up!!!