Sunday, October 01, 2006

i'm obsessed with her hair

and this is what it looks like when i can't stop brushing it.


Anonymous said...

Lisa (and Mike)...Maeve is just perfect in every way! I love seeing her pictures and reading updates or cute stories! I am so happy for your family! Her pictures online from the photographer are priceless (I was checking out a friend's wedding pics and saw a "Maeve Garvey" section...naturally I browsed! Anyway, I think I like the one of her screaming her guts out the most...too sweet!

<3 Nicole

Sweet Pea said...

Where are the pictures from the photographer? Can I see please? :)

lisa said...

in case you need a little more maeve in your life:

click "online photos" and then "Maeve Garvey"


Sweet Pea said...

The pictures are so great! I love her smile and her eyes!

mom said...

Let's review:
Lisa: "Mom, what were you thinking, combing my hair that way?"
Me:"But you looked soooo cute!"
Lisa: "Yeah, real cute"
Me: "Wait 'till you have kids"