Tuesday, October 10, 2006

working girl

i will officially return to work on october 30th (happy birthday, mary!) some things i'd like to accomplish before going back:
- write thank-you notes. if you haven't gotten one from me, please don't feel bad... no one has.
- replace the moldy shower curtain liners
- figure out why my hair is falling out
- sort though maeve's wardrobe
- get drunk at kim's wedding
- go to the zoo
- shop main street in east aurora
- blog about something interesting


Anonymous said...

Relax and enjoy everyday with your precious baby, bask in the knowledge that you are an awesome Mother, you've got YEARS to finish the rest of the list! ma

Leah said...

No one will take back their gifts.
The shower curtains are just going to get moldy again.
Hair? can't help
The boys would *love* to give miss maeve a guided tour.
luv, Leah

Esther said...

Your hair will grow back! In a few months, you too will have postpartum bangs :)