Sunday, March 22, 2009

best. birthday. EVER.

hey ya'll. so Joelle over there at A Beautiful Life asked me what's the first thing i'll be doing at our new house. my answer is:

a) your kids are beautiful!
b) i cannot wait to TEAR UP RUGS. people of 1960 - if you had beautiful oak floors, why in God's name did you cover them up with orange shag?? i will never know, but i hope that those nasty rugs at least protected the floors over the years... we'll see. So yeah, tearing up the rugs, we will do on our own. Painting we can do, MINOR handiwork we can do, but anything beyond that, we will definitely have to enlist the help of some trained professionals.

in other news, it's my birthday today, and it has been awesome :)

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Johnny K said...

Happy Birthday!