Saturday, March 14, 2009

i'm blogging!

i was all set to answer mike's question about my three big things, but then i read katie's blog and she mentioned it was pi day (3-14) and now that's all i can think about. sophomore year of high school at mt. st. mary academy, mrs. ellis, our math teacher, had given us an assignment for this day - it was pretty simple: give a presentation about pi. it could be anything - a poster, a paper, whatever. well, we had partners, and annie and i were working together. for whatever reason, we decided to write a song. and then perform it! complete with handouts for our class so they could follow along! annie, i hope you read this because i am really laughing to myself right now remembering this. this is what i remember:

(sung to the tune of "this is the song that never ends")

pi is the number that never ennnnnnds,
it just goes on and on my friendsssss.
it starts out - 3 point 14159 et-cet-era
and we'll continue singing this forever, just because
pi is the number that never ennnnnds...

HA! funny because it's pathetic. and funny because we probably got an A for something we made up in homeroom.


Patty said...

I never heard or thought of Pi day until your sister's post from yesterday. lol

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