Saturday, May 07, 2005

fair weather blogger

i've been working* nights for the past few weeks, and i just got off a 4 night stretch. it's such a BEAUTIFUL day today, though, that sleeping seems like a crime. so... yep. i'm tired.

just on a quick sappy note, i cried during a delivery last night. i tried my darndest to hide it... i don't know if it would weird the parents out to see a stranger crying at the birth of their child. i can't help it, though. especially if the parents get weepy... man, i picture some pretty bad things to keep my eyes from welling up. what i don't understand, though, is why everyone isn't crying! i mean, sure, it is a little bloody and gooey, but c'mon... these people just made a person.


go outside and play, already, will ya'.

*by "working" i actually mean "going to the hospital and doing stuff, but still paying tuition."


Esther said...

Are you kidding? I cry during sit-com births and commercials! I'd be an absolute mess watching each one and I'm impressed that you've only cried once. You're the sweetest!

Leah said...

Girls, hold on to your hats b/c when you meet someone you *made* or are related to the *maker* (that's only a little blasphemous).....whew! there are no words...