Saturday, May 14, 2005

not title-worthy

would someone update this blog, already?! *sheesh*

i had plans of writing, what i thought, would be a really funny post about trying to explain the meaning of "circumcision" to a non-english speaking mom. it's a true story, and in my mind, it's hilarious! but when i tried to convert it to text, i realized there were far too many hand gestures that really do make the story. sorry.

today was mike's graduation from the mba program. woo hoo!! we tried out this great place called allen street hardware for dinner and drinks after the ceremony... good times.

happy belated birthday, cecilia!! cecilia invited us to her 24th birthday party at chuck e. cheese. do you know they serve beer there? somehow, the beer made the screeming 7 year olds trying to steal my ski-ball tickets slightly more tolerable.

that was a sufficiently random post, no? i feel like a real blogger.

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