Wednesday, May 18, 2005

pomp and streisand

graduations came in threes this weekend... mikey graduated on saturday night with his mba (woo hoo!), i graduated sunday with my nursing degree, and my cousin rachael had her high school graduation on monday night. all were very lovely and ceremonial... pomp and circumstance abounded, along with other various meditations, such as pachelbel's canon and a handful of mozart's sonatas... that is, of course, until my name was called. it was as if the powers that be somehow knew of my unnatural affection for the broadway musical... so much so, that it called to the gay man in all of us... as the dulcet notes of "people" ran through the auditorium.


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Racheal said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION, WOO HOOOOOO!!!! And thanks for stopping by my site and linking to me! I'm going to link to you too.