Wednesday, April 13, 2005

no one likes a know-it-all

wondering what alex's latest GT4 car looks like? i can tell 'ya. did you know sarah met lewis black?! i did. wanna know how many people have commented on mikey's post today? i'm your girl. need a description of jess's latest masterpiece? gimme a call.

"but lisa, how could you possibly know all of that?"

i'm a stalker. a blog stalker. i sit in my jammies, sipping cocoa by the glow of the laptop and read the blogs of everyone i know....often twice. this really didn't seem odd to me, until i realized i began talking to people with said blogs, and i would only refer to previously read material. weird? i think so. so i'm joining the community. i'm starting a blog.

i can't promise shakespeare, but i can promise better than this.


Garvey said...


of course, I'm going to have "marshmallow world" going through my mind forever now.

welcome to the cult, lisa!

Alex said...

Welcome aboard!

Jess said...

all good!