Friday, April 29, 2005

meme, myself and i

since my baby blog is young and only has an audience of three, i'm meming myself! so the stupisest thing, i ask? easy peasy, and at the request of the original sarah, i’m sharing.

it was the summer of 1999, and a boy by the name of michael garvey was having a giant bash, aptly named “the garvey party.” anyone who was anyone would be there (that, coupled with my not so subtle crush on the garv, meant i was sure to go). i had just gotten back from my european adventure with annie and shauna, so we were a little jet-lagged, to say the least. what's the best way to treat said jet-lag, you ask? hot dogs and beer, of course!

by 8:00 pm i was stumbling. feeling a little woozy, i decided to find comfort in a lonely picnic bench. i vaguely remember hearing the most lovely southern voice, saying “is she alright?” and annie saying “oh yeah, mrs. garvey, she’s fiiiiiiiiiiine…” i don’t know what tipped her off… either my rosey green complexion or the dry heaves… but next thing i knew, she was right in front of me. holding a paper bag.

and then i popped.

and in 69 days, i’ll call her mom.


Scott said...

It's so sweet when you can share those moments that Hallmark doesn't make a card for.

I drove my future mother-in-law home from a certain bar cuz she was too potted to smile, let alone drive.

We still share that fond memory today. . .

P.S. Hi Lisa!!!!!!

lisa said...

hi scott!! someday, i hope to share that with my mom-to-be... sometime after July 9th... ;)

Anonymous said...

don't you all remember my infamous Shakespeare in the Park performance last summer? Darned near killed myself! The first time I met Mom G. I had flown up here from Miss., the airline had lost my luggage and I had to borrow her underwear for two days!