Tuesday, April 26, 2005


my taste in music has never been exactly “trendy.” sure, sure, i wore my NKOTB pin proudly like the rest of the girls in my class, but little did they know that it was nothin’ but starship for me once i got home. still, i was caught off guard when my sis and i started singing along with a rick astley song at dinner the other night. wow. we’re worse off than i thought.

1990, miss hartman’s 6th grade class at holy spirit school:

“hey lisa, did you see the new bell biv devoe video?!”
“oh… yeah… sure i did! hey! basia just came out with a new cd!”

1987, my parents' night to drive to girl-scouts:

“lisa, don’t you listen to kiss 98.5?”
“well, not really… but my dad could put in this cool tape we have! hey dad! can you put in the tape with the peanut butter song?! you’re really gonna like this…”


musical theatre never looked so good.


Jess said...

oh good lord! basia! we used to have a microphone attatched to our old stereo and I would lip sing "Time and Tide" into it over and over again when no one was home. don't tell anyone.

lisa said...

your secret is safe with me... and i'll bring over the tape.

Katie said...

you know i was the cooler of the two of us....while you were listening to basia...i was doing a ribbon dance to Tiffany in the back yard...beat that!