Thursday, June 09, 2005

30 days... but who's counting

esther is right - although queer-eye is one of the most important fixtures of my weekly schedule, there are plenty of life events that deserve some press. namely, a day blocked off on my calendar, exactly one month from today, when i will become mrs. royal toybox.

at this point, all the major players are set. i have a list of things to check off before the big day, but nothing too overwhelming. i had a trilogy of fabulous showers in as many weeks, and the generosity of people astounds me. we've received so many thoughtful and generous gifts over the past few weeks... by the way, if you haven't had the pleasure of registering for things, i highly recommend it. getting a new apartment? register. having a baby? definitely register. your towels are kinda faded, but your birthday is coming up? register! seriously... it's not just for weddings anymore.

so anyway, i think i've got all my bases covered, and i'm not really feeling stressed, but if dreams are any indication, my subconscious is having a nervous breakdown. over the past week, i've been dreaming a lot- i can't remember all of them, but two were too vivid. in the first, we were at the reception, and after dinner all my bridesmaids left. every singly one of them. they told me they were "going home to change," but they never came back. as the night wore on, my father and i had our dance, and the band started playing a waltz. my father acted as if this was the plan all along, and launched into some elaborate choreography, in which i fell no fewer than three times because i didn't know the steps. then, to top the night off, i forgot to buy the favors, but i had remembered the containers - in other words, all the containers that were meant to hold the favors were set out on the table, but they were completely empty. on to dream two, where our mode of transportation to the reception was a large boat, but our ride was halted by giant snakes in the water of the boa constrictor variety. because of the snakes, we had to stay on the boat in the middle of the lake or whatever, and we never made it to the party.


in the grand scheme of things, none of the fluff matters... at the end of the day, i will still be mrs. happiest woman in the marshmallow world, and the royal toybox and i will live happily ever after.

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Esther said...

I'm sure the snake dream was freudian. You hussy.