Friday, June 03, 2005


hey everyone. remember when i wrote on my blog? that was awesome.

i started tanning this week. i know, i know... i really couldn't do anything that's worse for my transparent complexion, but it is because of my transparent complexion that i must tan! only for a little while. 4 weeks to be exact. i just want enough color so that my skin doesn't match my dress.

so i went to the tanning place, having last been there about 5 years prior (probably in anticipation of a senior-something-or-other) and i didn't really remember the routine. not wanting to be the "newbie," however, i played along like i was a pro (i may have given it away, though, when i requested only 5 minutes, which is only 1 minute higher than an albino infant would request...). i went in, gave the girl my name, and she told me i was "all set in room 5." on my way to room 5, though, i saw the ladies room, and decided i would sneak in a quick stop. i left the bathroom, and went right into room 5. as i was disrobing, i noticed a timer on the wall that was counting down, and it was at 3 minutes. "3 minutes?! what does that mean?! i asked for 5, and now it's at 3, and does that mean i just wasted 2 minutes peeing?! get undressed... HURRY!!" i furiously took off what needed to be taken off, jumped into the bed, and reached behind me and hit start. "AHHHH!! i forgot my eye thingie-doeys!!" i hopped out, grabbed the thingies, and got back into the bed. luckily, the timer reset to 5, and all was right with the world. afterward, i got dressed, walked out, and hoped that no one heard my thrashing-about.

i'll be better tomorrow.


Esther said...

I went tanning once and I tried to pretend that I was all cool too. It was later that i learned that you're supposed to CLOSE the top of the bed so you actually get tanned...

Leah said...

After all that glorious sun yesterday, I felt so guilty for exposing my trasnparent irish skin. Now my vanity can decide whether it wants me to be a bronze goddess (ha ha) or an ageless beauty! I've slathered my newly-emerged freckles with vitamin e AND vitamin c cream and am the clogged pores to show for it!