Sunday, June 26, 2005

i knew this was coming...

well guys and dolls, the day has come. i knew eventually, i would be memed with a topic i was horribly ignorant about, and that day has come.


sure, i read, but while jess is reading The Pelopponesian War, i'm reading The Peasant Blouse, is it Making a Comeback?

so...yeah. this one scares me, but i'll give it a shot.

Number of books I've owned:
hmmm...not too many. most of the good books i've read have been because someone said to me "here, read this book." i do own some of my favorite children's books, though.

Last book I bought:
a guest book for the wedding (which, by the way, is in 13 days. oh. my. God.).

Last book I read:
honestly, i can't even remember the last time i read for leisure. i know, i KNOW, that's horrible. lately, though, i've been spending some real quality time with my NCLEX review book so i can pass my RN licensing exam. helloooooooooo, nurse!

Five books that mean a lot to me:
ok, this i can do. The Monster at the End of this Book, by Grover. yes. sesame street grover. i'm not kidding - it's a great book.

Muppet Manners. this book is brilliant. and histerical. "if you absolutely must tap-dance at the table, at least do it behind your napkin." words to live by...

I Know This Much is True. *gasp* a real book?! yes. i actually did read this book, and i thought it was wonderful.

Emily Post's Etiquette. this one was on loan from my future mom-in-law, and i used it faithfully. who knows how to stuff a wedding invitation? emily does. who knows how to address an envelope when the wife is a doctor and the husband is a cross-dresser?! just ask emily.

ok, i can only think of 4. and since every blogger i know has been memed, i tag leah!


Garvey said...

Cecilia said...

Uh, I think I memmed Leah...

lisa said...

damn. i guess i'll meme agnes. ;)

E said...

I LOVE the monster at the end of this book. It did scare me the first time I read it, though.