Thursday, June 16, 2005

alright already

i've grown tired of the blog. can you tell? after a week of no posts, people will think i've abandoned ship, and even worse, mike will take me off his list of links. so, here's a little story...

somewhere around february, i set up two people i know on a date. i don't usually do this, in fact, i've never done this. this particular duo, however, seemed they might click. my intentions, although seemingly honerable, were laced with a bit of... how you say... "maybe-if-you-hit-it-off-you'll-stop-calling-me."

well hot damn, it worked. yesterday, after nearly four months of no contact, i got a call. the first words out of his mouth were "i have to thank you; even though it didn't work out, it was one of the best relationships of my life."

wow. i. am. shocked. yes, i wanted them to go on a date, and yes, i am certainly happy that it resulted in something wonderful for both of them, but c'mon. it was a totally selfish act... that just happened not to bite me in the ass.

so i've bee thinking... if i did that well without trying, am i capable of greater things? i looked up the definition of "matchmaker," and found "self-employed 'busybody'."

have you met me? i'm putting it on a business card.

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