Friday, March 07, 2008


contained in my purse is the biggest package of "wet-ones" that you have ever seen. and, i'm embarassed to say, i use them all the freakin' time. when i began working at a hospital, i became a bit of a nut about germs. people who know me well know that i keep a container of anti-bacterial wipes by the front door in case of sick visitors. it's nuts, i know. add two kids into the mix who are, by definition, germ magnets, and you've got yourself a recipe for germ-a-phobe psychosis.

what else... the thing i probably use the least is the stack of tiny little coupons that i keep in my wallet from one of the entertainment books. i never remember they're there, until i have inevitably visited the place that the coupon is good for. ah well, good thing i'm made of money. germy, germy money.


Alex said...

I was over your house last week, dog sick. Did you wet-one the shit out of the place after I left?

lisa said...

maybe just the chair you sat in :)