Sunday, March 02, 2008

warning: this post contains graphic material

yay, bufblopofo! my husband has created a monster! SO! MANY! BLOGS! TO! READ!

so, today, i am to write about the best gift i've ever received. i've been writing this post all day in my head. it was going to be wonderfully sentimental, something i'm not really known for, but i was really looking forward to sharing this. in my mind, a great gift has two components: it has to be thoughtful, and it has to be unexpected. in other words, i think the best gifts are total surprises that are thoughtfully picked. while i've received many gifts that meet these standards, one really stood out.

i know what you're thinking. "obviously, lisa, you must be thinking about your engagement ring." well, yes, i was. i was, that is, before this evening. this evening when my precious daughter gave me the most unexpected gift a daughter can give her mother. vomit. yes, cascading fountains of emesis, raining down over both of us. the volume was more than i could have dreamed her GI tract could contain.

so thank you. thank you, mike, for the perfect gift that i've been thinking about all day, crafting the perfect "thank you" to you. that post will come at another time. today, i thank maeve, for bringing it all full circle.


M. said...

Oh, Lise. As soon as I read Mike's suggested topic, I knew (or thought) you'd write about, not so much your e-ring, but the gift of the proposal, because it was THAT perfect.

Now, reading your answer, I'm once again amazed by the love your children have inspired in you-- and the absolutely surprising change in you (i.e. the ability to express emotions) which is all Mike. Once again glad you guys got married :)

Esther said...

oooh, I've gotten many similar gifts from Miles. Those kids are nothing if not thoughtful.