Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yes, Jess, Hairspray is a musical

the buffblo guru wants to know what music i'm listening to lately. well, he already knows, and chances are so do you, but here's the skinny.

my car has a pretty standard rotation lately:

hairspray, the musical - lately i've been listening to the movie version, but the broadway version is great, as well. i dig the movie version because of queen latifah, mostly, and because there are a couple neat songs that didn't appear in the stage version.

legally blond, the musical - i know i know... sue me (pun intended). say what you will, but it is honestly really good. now if you don't like musicals to begin with, chances are you would hate it. but if you appreciate the musicals that are purely for fun, you will love it.

the last five years - you guessed it. but this one was off broadway. unlike the previous two, the draw to this one is actually a really incredible story, in addition to a wonderful score. the entire show is sung by two people, a man and a women. they are in a relationship (for 5 years), and the man is telling the story from the beginning, while the woman is telling it from the end. they meet briefly in the middle, but for the most part don't even share the stage. it's a very cool concept, in my opinion.

sara bareilles - look! not a musical! i first got hooked on her single "love song," and the rest of the CD turned out to be pretty great.

wicked - this one is actually not in my car, but in the kitchen. again, it's just. good. the actual show is quite a specticle, and the story is great. the music is outstanding on it's own, but it's hard to top the broadway cast. both female leads are broadway regulars, and each have a few solo CD's. Idina Menzel was in Rent - another member of my car's rotation - and i first heard Kristin Chenoweth in a little off-broadway musical callend A New Brain (which, incidentally, i had forgotten about, but will make it's way back to my car because it's great).

since this has just turned into a broadway post, some of my less-listened-to favorites include Side Show, Guys and Dolls, Godspell, Into the Woods and Songs for a New World.

don't think i love ALL musicals. i'll be the first to admit there are some pretty shitty musicals out there: Titanic, 1776 (sorry Louie), Brooklyn... hell, i don't even like Jesus Christ Superstar. and Phantom? i fell asleep. the best musicals, in my mind, have a great score - first and foremost. if the score is good, i'm willing to forgive any shortcomings in the script (and c'mon... of course there are shortcomings... the break into song every 3 minutes). nevertheless, they're just so me.

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Anonymous said...

WoW! Karen wasn't kidding when she said you like musicals. You are no joke girl!