Saturday, March 01, 2008

it's the BUFBLOPOFO, mo fo

and i haven't forgotten! so mike asked, "why did you start this blog?" well, dear readers, it was for a couple reasons. one is that before having a blog, i was merely a blog stalker. i would keep up on everyone's comings and goings through their blogs, but never share anything myself. by starting a blog - whether i wrote on it or not - i was somehhow more entitled to read the blogs of others.

secondly, my fiance at the time (yes, the same fiance that i married) LOVED to blog, and i think he'll be the first to tell you i was WICKED jealous of his blog. "don't blog! look at me! tell me i'm pretty!" i really didn't think i could get into it, but every time i told him a story he would say "you need a blog." so, one day i sucked it up and started one.

now, why haven't i been very successful at it, you may ask? i've come up with a few reasons.

#1. i don't like to write. in case you don't know this, blogging = writing.

#2. if i have a good story, i want to tell it to you using my voice. and very often, my stories need to be acted out, and that does not translate to the blog format very well. if i want to tell you the story about the lady in TJ Maxx whose three girls had the middle names Cocoa, Cinnamon, and Caramel, you bet your bippy i need to tell you that in person.

#3. once maeve came into this world, forget it. ever since, this has become nothing but a "look-at-my-girls-arent-they-so-cute-oh-and-look-at-what-funny-thing-they-did-today-and-have-you-seen-addie-smile-and-how-funny-is-it-that-maeve-likes-to-use-the-swiffer" blog. which is fine, but even i get bored with it.

so, with the commencement of buffblopofo, i am hoping to give this blog some spunk. i'm sure mike has come up with some great topics for me to ponder, but hey, if all else fails, you'll just get more of this:


Patty said...

I love how you act out your stories too I'm so glad you are back to writing.

Pictures of the girls are ALWAYS great!

Cool new layout!

Leah said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one who treated the blog like the other woman!!! Seriously, my blog today referenced people who spend too much time playing with blog formatting...I was thinking of only my husband and yours.

loving BflBloPoFo so far!!!

M. said...

Hey Lise :) How did I not know you had a blog?! Probably because the first time you sent me an e-mail, it took me 2 months to check it. I'm not particularly tech-savvy... but now I know and I will stalk your blog. I LOVE pics of the girls! See you tomorrow :)

Bryan Mahoney said...

Yo mo fo!!!

Please don't stop blogging. Otherwise, we'll only get updates on the girls from Mike. And he's got that whole "Daddy" bias.


mom said...

love the new background (is that the right term?)
you can never post too many pictures of those girls