Sunday, March 09, 2008

i can't believe katie knew where this was

alright, i am not sure if this will work, but i'm attempting to post the original broadcast of MLAJK, the radio show i talked about here.

if you're able to hear this, a couple quick things you should know:
-i was about 8 years old, making katie 6 or so. and yes, that's a burp.
-it's about 5 minutes long
-i lost my breath when i listened to this today because i was laughing so hard. it might not be half as funny to you, but i hope it makes you chuckle.
-i was apparently VERY full of myself at age 8. i refer to myself as "brains battaglia."
-tell me what you think. i think i may have missed my calling.

**third time's the charm... maybe. if this doesn't work, check back tonight. dora is about to end so i can't play with it anymore :)


Esther said...

I can't hear it! I might have to leave work to come listen to it at your house.

lisa said...

ah! ok. i will try to fix it.

Bryan Mahoney said...

How do you pronounce repetitious, Brains?

We expect the next generation from the girls in a couple years, huh?

lisa said...

ha! repetitious. i was so smrt. the girls will definitely have their own version, i'm sure.