Sunday, March 09, 2008

shuffle off to Buffalo

hi! it's 11pm! this is cutting it awfully close, but hey, we lost an hour today. and also? this guy hasn't blogged yet, but he had a very busy day so i'll cut him some slack. some of my favorite buffalo things:
elmwood - particularly the awesome shops that you can always be sure to find a kick-ass gift in, like spoiled rotten or everything elmwood. also, pavlovs togs is pretty great. plus, it's just a great walk. nothin' like bustin' out the double stroller for a leisurely stroll down elmwood.
hertel - much for the same reason i like elmwood. in particular gino's bakery is a great little place that's been there and is sure to have some great italian sweets. romeo and juliets is always delicious, there are a bunch of great antique shops and an awesome book store that i can't remember the name of, but that doesn't detract from it's awesomeness.
the elmwood arts festival - all the fun of allentown, none of the crafty crap.
the italian festival - it's lost much of it's luster over the years, but it's still an annual tradition.
the erie county fair - this has just become something we have to do every year - pizza, livestock, ice cream and "i got it." ball number one...
the hatch - more specifically, the little ice cream hut next to the hatch. i love going down there on a summer night, getting a big-ass cone and walking along the rocks. does anyone know how they got those GIANT staples in there?!
shea's - it's a gorgeous theatre. and i like theatre.
kleinhans and the BPO - no explanation needed. they're awesome.
summer concerts on Bidwell Parkway - they're free! and really fun!
the Bidwell farmer's market - the saturday mornings during the summer that we go to the market are just perfect. it's just the right amount of crunchy, with a pinch of pretension, and i love it.

that's a good starting point. i know i could go on for days and days because there's not much about the city i don't like. in fact, this may land me a divorce, but i even like some of the radio stations.

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