Monday, March 03, 2008

a good day in the making

what went right today? well, for starters, little miss adelaide decided to sleep from 11pm when we put her down to 5am this morning! and THEN, mike got up to feed the little nugget, allowing me to sleep in until 8am when she was ready to eat again. 8am! people! do you know what that means! i haven't stayed in bed until 8 more than 5 times in the past two years, and today was one.

then, maeve ate her WHOLE breakfast. for a little person who has adopted a much more discerning palate over the past few weeks, this is big news. (it could have something to do with the chunks she blew last night, leaving her belly completely empty. whatever. i'll take it.).

after her bottle, addie fell asleep in her swing, allowing me to: 1. read 23 blogs, and 2. cuddle with maeve for an episode of little einsteins (which we decided, by the way, is possibly the most pretentious cartoon on television, and I LOVE IT).

also? the sun is shining as i write this, and when i stepped out on the porch, it was WARM! so i think a nice walk is in our future.

and last but not least, the sinus/cough/chest congestion thing i've got goin' on has left me with my sexy raspy voice. yay!


Esther said...

Yay sleep! Yay breakfast! Yay sunshine! Yay cartoons! That sounds very much like my kind of day!

Patty said...

Your morning sounds like absolute perfection! I hope you get better soon...OMG I can't wait for Spring either! I know if it's warm in Buffalo hell we are having HEAT WAVE here! LOL!

Leah said... saucy minx! talking so dirty on your blog!!