Thursday, March 06, 2008


i am having a really hard time thinking about what i liked to play with when i was little. all i can think of is this random smattering of things that really are a little...well, bizarre. but hey, it's bufblopofo, yo. full disclosure.

1. my cabbage patch kid, felice marlene. the resemblance was uncanny.
2. a box of old clothes, costumes, hats, glasses, etc. this one really doesn't sound that strange, but i wish i had a picture to share. in fact, hold that thought. i'll find one and post it soon.
3. some kind of little pocket knife. i was really into this little knife for a little while, and i distinctly remember taking fallen branches out onto the front porch to, in my words, "whiddle." what. the. hell.
4. a she-ra princess of power action figure. i don't really remember even liking she-ra, but i think someone gave it to me as a birthday present. i remember she had a hole in her hand meant for a sword, but i would tie a string across the room and use the hole to create a little zip line for she-ra. that one's really not weird... in fact, i think it was pretty clever.
5. a tape recorder with microphone. this. was. awesome. at least, i thought it was. my friends and i would spend HOURS meticulously taping our radio show, "MLAJK" (Michele, Lisa, Amy, Jeff, Katie). yep. we even let katie in on the fun of this one. i distinctly remember that much of our material came from the subscriptions of Redbook and Ladies Home Journal that my mom subscribed too. i also remember interviewing my friend Jeff about his love for Spuds Mackenzie, and thinking he was beyond awesome. and also? katie's "on-air" personality was "kooky katie." this is not nearly as funny as it would be if you could have heard her say it, trust me.
6. the flinstones. nothing goofy, i just liked the flinstones.
7. my bike. my bike's name was dusty rose (it came with that, i didn't name it myself). she was white with beautiful mauve trim, dusty rose, if you will. i remember i would wash it like you would wash a car, and then marvel in how good it looked. i distinctly remember going up to my neighbors fence and saying "how old do you think this bike is?!" they must have been on to me because they would inevitably say, "oh, it must be brand new!" and then i would grin and say, "nope! it's over two years old!" i was such a card.

am i forgetting anything, katie? mom?

so did these things shape me into the adult i've become? well... i guess. looking at this list, it appears my interests were pretty diverse. i'm trying to come up with some witty correlations, but really i think i was just a weird kid. a wonderfully weird, creative and goofy kid.


kt said...

we NEED to get that tape is to RIDICULOUS to waste. please please please get on that and post it....ASAP.

M. said...

I remember Felice Marlene- the African american cabbage patch kid...

I also remember Jeff... Your freshman year date dance date ;) Ah, memories...

Anonymous said...

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