Monday, March 10, 2008

i don't do well without an assigned topic

so mike told me to write about when we met. well, we met the first week of our freshman year of college. my best friend annie and i were the loser commuters at canisius, but we had befriended these crazy (in a good way) twins who lived in the dorms. one night, annie picked me up in the red VW fox and we headed over to Bosch tower. it was the twin's birthday, so i made cupcakes and brought over my copy of les miserables on VHS. i know. wild, right?

well, the twinnies had left a note on the door of two swingin' guys they had met that week. and when those guys found out there were cupcakes, they came a'runnin. and one of those guys was mike garvey.

and that's really it! i would love to say there were roses and butterflies and that time stood still and our eyes locked and a "that's amore" was piped through the sound system, but really it was more like this:

mike: hey guys
twins: hey mike! guys, this is mike.
me: hi
mike: so... there's cupcakes?
me: yeah, help yourself.
mike: sweet, thanks. who made these?
me: i did. i'm lisa.

how wo- mantic.

six years later, in the magical place called cooperstown, amidst the baseball hall of fame and stolen pumpkins, the man of my dreams took me as his date to a wedding.

the end!

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Bambi said...

You write very well.